Tattoo Removal

An ablative later, Q switch, targets the pigment and shatters it into tiny fragments for your body to absorb and eliminate. Multiple treatments are required

Vascular Reduction

Unsightly facial veins and small vascular lesions from any area of the body can be removed with an ablative long pulse laser . Spider veins and blue leg veins(under 3mm) can also be treated, yielding excellent results.

Hair Removal

Reduction of hair growth in the desired area is targeted with a Non ablative diode laser. Multiple treatments are required

Erbium YAG Resurfacing

An ablative laser that removes the outer most surface of the skin then stimulates the body's healing process and builds more collagen. The skin re-epithilializes in 6 days revealing improved texture and more even skin tone.

CO2 Resurfacing

An ablative laser is a applied in a fractional pattern to deeply resurface skin. During this process, we purposely injure the layer of skin to stimulate collagen & elastin. As the area heals, new firmer, smoother skin replaces the old layers.


Intense Pulsed Light is used to perform various treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic uses including photo-rejuvenation, removal and reduction of vascular and pigmented lesions and the reduction of active acne.

Body Sculp

A safe, non-invasive solution to reduce stubborn fat in problematic areas without surgery or downtime.

Body Tone

A unique muscle toning device that uses bio-lectric energy pulses to exercise different muscle groups and prevent muscle atrophy. It can strengthen, sculpt and tone weak muscles to help regain and rebuild muscle mass.