Relaxing Facial

A pampering treatment using customized products to better your skin while you decompress. This includes a consultation, facial massage, shoulder massage, masks, and a range of facial modalities tailored to each patient.

Back Polish

A facial for your back that refreshes that hard to reach area. This treatment includes targeted masks, extractions, and a back massage. Perfect for an event for vacation, so you look your best from any angle.


A mechanical form of exfoliation that uses suction and an abrasive tip to gently glide across the skin. This treatment encourages circulation in the skin and removes dead, damaged skin cells from the outer layer revealing a brighter, polished skin appearance.

Chemical Peel

A chemical form of exfoliation. We offer a wide range of peel solutions so that all skin types can experience one of the most beneficial treatments you can do for your skin. Chemical peels are used to treat texture, discoloration, acne and rosacea and involve little to no down-time.


Another form of exfoliation that uses a surgical blade to remove damaged, dead skin cells along with vellus hair or "peach-fuzz", leaving your skin bright and smooth allowing for flawless makeup application.


This treatment uses surgical grade needles to create tiny channels or openings in the skin that trigger your body's own healing process to create more collagen. The tiny openings in the skin also act as a delivery system for your products to penetrate deeper into the skin where they can be more beneficial. This treatment is also referred to as "collagen induction" therapy.

Secret RF

Microneedling with radio frquency (heat) is another collogan induction therapy that introduces heat beneath the surface ofthe skin. This minimizes downtime while targeting skin laxity, tone and texture.

Medical Facials

More of a corrective facial and typically less time-consuming. Medical facials are result-oriented and may include therapeutic masks, oxygenating treatments and other types of exfoliation, using higher percentages of active ingredients and enzymes without the downtime or visible exfoliation of a peel.